Cloud Backups


I checked out the current posts about Datomic Cloud backups and wanted to get opinions on how to mitigate the following information security risks:

  1. The database gets deleted with delete-database
  2. Access to the AWS account is compromised (locked-out, deleted, suspended, etc.)
  3. Components of the storage stack get compromised (deleted, corrupted, hacked, etc.)

As of now, the only way to mitigate this risks is to have an EDN dump of the data so it can be transacted to a new database right?

The backup process would be:

  1. Start a query group.
  2. Dump the planned entities in EDN format.
  3. Compress it/them and upload to S3.
  4. Terminate the query group.

I would appreciate any comments or opinions on this.

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We currently have an Ion lambda that dumps all transactions to a zipped edn file into an S3 bucket. The lambda is invoked via CloudWatch cron events to do it nightly.

If you only dump the current state of entities, you can’t restore a database with the history.

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Thank you for your response. Great feedback.