Datomic Ions Solo Deploy Error: No space left on device

I’m getting an error when attempting to deploy to a Solo configuration:

From what I can understand the CodeDeploy agent is supposed to clean up old files using the max_revisions parameter. The default is 5 revisions.

How can I remove old revisions or reconfigure CodeDeploy to do so?

Hi @stuartrexking

Could you provide a repro with similar deps for us to test? What version of Datomic Cloud Solo are you using?

It’s not the deps. The zip that is being uploaded contains large binary files that are in my resources dir but also defined as to be ignored by git in the .gitignore file.

Whatever is bundling up the zip is not adhering to .gitignore.

@jaret Can you confirm that the cli that creates the zip only uses deps.edn and doesn’t care what is in the actual clean git repo?

I suppose you found your answer by now, but for future reference, yes, what’s pushed to AWS in the zip file is not defined by .gitignore, but by deps.edn's path specs. Accordingly, it’s best to keep the base paths lean as much as possible:

This picture illustrates that my dev-time alias adds extra paths that won’t be part of what’s uploaded to AWS.

For big resources that are really part of your application, you should probably put them separately on S3 instead of making them part of your app’s deployed package, even though this adds toil to your deployments.

Thanks @d.jomphe. Yes, I figured that out and got a response on Slack. :yum: