Datomic EC2 instance Failed to Start Due to 'Unauthorized' AMI


My Datomic EC2 instance recently stopped running. A look into its Auto Scaling Group’s Activity History shows:

Launching a new EC2 instance. Status Reason: Not authorized for images: [ami-087ea2dd2c737ae6b]. Launching EC2 instance failed.

Assistance will be highly appreciated.



@nhlx2 are you still subscribed to Datomic Cloud via AWS Marketplace? Do you have multiple users managing your account, do you run any cleanup on subscriptions? You may want to log a ticket with AWS marketplace if you became unsubscribed, but that is the only way you should see this error.


Thanks for your reply @jaret. Yes I am still subscribed to Datomic Cloud via AWS Marketplace. I am the only user managing my account as far as I know. I haven’t run subscription cleanups that I know of. Is my only option to cancel my subscription and start over? Thanks again.


I resolved the issue by upgrading my Datomic system. Thanks.


@nhlx2 from what version to what version? The AMI you shared should have still been available, but I’d like to investigate this further with the AWS team to confirm our understanding as (AWS hosts these AMIs).


@jaret I upgraded from a solo Datomic System that I got via the AWS Marketplace template around October 9th to a solo system released on December 10th according to the Datomic Cloud Releases page.