Datomic cloud analytics setup s3 error


I’m setting up analytics for the first time and the output of my first sync operation
datomic analytics sync XXX config


“Error finding S3 bucket for XXX” (where XXX is the name of the analytics catalog)

But I don’t see anything about setting up an S3 bucket.

Any ideas?


Confirm that you have the right credentials sourced and make sure you have a region specified in your sourced credentials. Are you able to launch a client access gateway for the same system? With that running, can you curl for the S3 bucket?

curl -x socks5h://localhost:[port] http://entry.[system].[region].datomic.net:8182/


Thanks Jaret. Yes all of those are configured - a local db repl connection works and the curl command above responds with
{:s3-auth-path “bucket-name”}

Connectivity seems fine:
~/d/w/datomic-analytics (master) > bash datomic-cli/datomic cloud list-systems
[{"name”:”XXX”, “storage-cft-version”:“616”, “topology”:“solo”}]

~/d/w/datomic-analytics (master)> bash datomic-cli/datomic analytics sync XXX ./config/
Execution error at datomic.tools.ops.aws/get-bucket (aws.clj:110).
Error finding S3 bucket for XXX
Full report at:

And datomic:system tag in place on s3 bucket. Could this be a versioning issue?

I wanted to circle back here to close the loop in case someone else runs into this issue. Dean and I worked together on a support case to share the details in his output. And it turns out that Dean was using the compute group name and not the system name for analytics sync command.

datomic analytics sync <system> <path-to-config-dir>