Datomic Cloud 1067-9276

This message covers changes in this release.

2023/10/09 1067-9276

  • Performance: Reduced resources required by indexing.
  • Performance: Improved EFS IOPS usage.
  • Performance: Indexing is more aggressive in removing :db/noHistory datoms.
  • Performance: Improved fressian read.
  • Upgrade: NodeJS used in Lambdas upgraded to 16.x.
  • Upgrade: Java on compute nodes upgraded to Java 17.
  • Upgrade: The AMI is now based on the 2023/08/09 version of the Linux 2023 base AMI.
  • Enhancement: Use latest AWS recommendations for mounting EFS Volumes
  • Enhancement: Support all instance types in the i3 family.
  • Fix: Prevent a problem where in rare situations a node could stop applying transactions

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