Caching jars downloaded during push/deply

where does Ion push/deploy put the jars it downloads?

I want to cache these to speed up my CI deploys.

I already have deps.edn jars caching so it must be somewhere else

I am not sure this will speed up your CI and would be happy to discuss that separately, but are you looking for the ion code bucket?



Just to further clarify, could you explain in general how your CI works and where you see the slowness. For instance, are you creating a new system for every CI run? Or do you deploy and CI to the same cluster that is already running?


I use Bitbucket pipelines with a step that deploys an update to a running system.

The deploy step takes 5 mins with approx 1.5 min for the deploy polling loop. The rest is “Downloading” jars. Here’s one of the lines from the log (in the push step)…

Downloading: vvvvalvalval/datofu/0.1.0/datofu-0.1.0.pom from

It looks like it’s downloading to local filesystem, hence the question.

Bitbucket supports caching of downloaded artifacts but, if I grok your response, the “Downloading” actually means uploading to an S3 bucket. In which case the CI cache won’t help.

The deps don’t change very often so I was hoping to avoid the extra CI delays but it looks like that’s not an option. Unless you have other suggestions?

Or am I misunderstanding?