A few thoughts on Tiago's excellent screencast


While we were working on today’s release, Tiago released an excellent screencast Datomic Ions Hello World in 25 Minutes.

Since today’s enhancements directly impact the initial experience, I wanted to call attention to a few points:

  • From 13:00-17:00 in the video Tiago is configuring the Datomic SOCKS proxy to bastion connection. The SOCKS proxy and bastion are only needed when you are making Datomic client API calls from outside the VPC. Since the Hello World application is accessing pure Clojure code from an AWS Lambda, this step is not needed at all. (That said, this will be useful later when Tiago does another video showing the Datomic client.)
  • From 18:30-20:00 Tiago calls attention to a few error messages. In the latest release, these are made more readable by eliding the stacktraces for known errors.
  • At around 23:30, Tiago pastes the output from each command as input to the next command. But as he does so, he has to fiddle with quotes to deal with the mismatch between bash quoting and Clojure quoting. With today’s release, the ion dev tools allow symbols where possible instead of strings. This eliminates all the quoting mismatches, so you can directly copy from one command to the next.

Thanks for all the feedback on Ions! We are working hard to make them even easier to use.