What are components missing in order for Datomic Cloud to support ap-southeast-1?

EFS is now available in ap-southeast-1 region (Singapore). Are there any other aws components which missing from this region? What are they?

With EFS it looks like we have everything we need. We will begin testing in ap-southeast-1 in preparation for supporting it in a release.

That’s great news! Looking forward to the release. Thanks!

Can’t wait! But do we have any ETA for when Datomic Cloud will be available in ap-southeast-1?

Hi @Izaak and @tap We’ve now released support for ap-southeast-1. Here is the announcement post with links to the docs: Datomic Cloud version 470-8654

That’s great news! Thanks for the work and also thanks for the update, Jaret

Hi @jaret

I don’t see Asia Pacific (Singapore) in the Region selection drop-down though.

Hi @Izaakhaliq

Thank you for reporting this issue with the cost calculator. I’ll need to address this issue with AWS marketplace team. However, the cost calculations should not differ greatly from the other regions.

After you continue to subscribe you will see that support for Singapore is included with the actual launching of the template: