Datomic Cloud in Canada Region


Is it correct that Datomic Cloud is not available in the AWS Canada (Central) region?
If yes, are there any plans to make Datomic Cloud available in that Region?



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Hi @ckws,

When we originally launched Cloud ca-central-1 was missing support of EFS and a few other things needed to run Datomic Cloud. I just briefly looked up EFS and it looks like they added support in 2019. I will create a ticket to evaluate if ca-central-1 has all the requisite services for Datomic Cloud and we will work with AWS to add support in an upcoming release.

I will circle back and update here if there is any blocker for a specific service.


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We too are at a juncture where it’s still early enough in our development to switch to the Canadian region once it’s available.

@d.jomphe @ckws It gives me much joy to let you know as of the latest release 781-9041 we support CA-CENTRAL-1. Datomic Cloud 781-9041

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That was very quick. Thank you very much to the team!