Using ions offline


As far as I understand an internet connection is required to use datomic ions. I like the idea of being able to develop and run tests etc offline.

Localstack can be used to run aws services locally. Would it be feasible to hack a script that simulates a deployment (setting up the lambda functions)? How else could one go about using ions locally?


Ions can be developed and tested locally. Specifically, as indicated here: Ions are just plain functions.

When you specify the :server-type :ion in your Datomic configuration map ( the client library will allow you to use the local SOCKS proxy to connect to the database (if necessary), but will use a local implementation once deployed.

If your Ion doesn’t require access to the database and/or any other network-requiring features (i.e. other AWS services), you should be able to test it locally as you would any other function.