Upgrading from Solo to Production

Here is a step-by-step of what I have done:

  1. Created solo system from master template
  2. Deleted solo stack
  3. Created storage stack, reusing persistent storage
  4. Created production topology stack of the same system name from original solo system

The production topology is created without errors. When call the list-databases function, I get the expected db names. When I try to connect via the client API, I get:
#:cognitect.anomalies{:category :cognitect.anomalies/unavailable,
:message “Loading database”}

Is this expected? Am I required to upgrade the solo topology as per these docs.

Hi @jarrod

The process you described fits with our first upgrade path. I would expect it to work. Are you able to create a new DB on the storage? Would you be willing to create a support ticket to investigate further why you’re unable to load a DB?

If you’re OK with proceeding, I can create a support ticket using your e-mail or you can e-mail support@cognitect.com. We can circle back and update the forum with any resolution we arrive at.

Hi @Jarrod One clarifying question, are you seeing this error repeatedly? A colleague pointed out that it takes time to load DBs and this is a retry-able error that is to be expected when a stack first starts.

I’ve also tried using the solo stack on top of the storage stack with no success.

Yes, I am able to create a database, and transact with it.
Yes, I would be willing to create a support ticket with this email.
As of today the database is still ‘loading’.

Thanks in advance.