Unable to create catalog entry - Conflict true

We are seeing this in the log. Googling comes back with a single slack entry that says post it here.

We are on Datomic Cloud Production with Query Groups. We are using Ions.

"Via": [
        "Type": "clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo",
        "Message": "Server Error",
        "Data": {
            "CognitectAnomaliesCategory": "CognitectAnomaliesFault",
            "CognitectAnomaliesMessage": "Server Error",
            "DatomicAnomaliesError": {
                "Error": "Unable to create catalog entry",
                "Cause": {
                    "Conflict": true
        "At": [


Is this error still present in your logs?
Based on our out-of-band conversation, I’m guessing this was related to a high volume of calls to create-database, but if not we should follow up.

This is no longer an issue. Thanks for following up.