Tutorial clarification: compute/storgage stacks

At the start of the tutorial (https://docs.datomic.com/cloud/setting-up.html) there is a note that reads:

If you are setting up a Datomic Cloud System for production or doing exploratory work for such a purpose then consider creating separate storage and compute stacks.

This is my first time experimenting with Cloud, so I figured I would skip that. However it seems that I got these two stacks (as nested stacks) anyway. Maybe things have moved on and this is no longer a special consideration that needs to be noted?

I’m mainly asking in order to clarify if I can disregard the need for an extra step when I do go for a production setup.


Looks like I found the answer

The Marketplace install wraps a Storage template and Compute template in a single master template. This makes the initial setup slightly easier, but is less desirable for ongoing operations

(from https://docs.datomic.com/cloud/operation/upgrading.html)

Might be worth adding something to the setting-up page to avoid confusion here.