Running with VPC peering


Has anybody successfully accessed Datomic Cloud across peered VPCs? Our app uses another service that requires VPC peering, and the same procedures do not work when applied to Datomic.


What specific issue(s) are you encountering?

As documented here, you can indeed use VPC peering to connect to a Datomic Cloud instance from another VPC.

There are several bi-directional configurations required. In particular, did you configure the route tables and the security groups in both the Datomic Cloud VPC and your VPC to enable mutual access?


I pretty much followed the instructions as stated, configured datomic-$(SystemName)-entry to allow entry from my app security group. Since it did not specifically say to do the reverse and I had recently been able to configure VPC peering with a managed Kafka service without this step, I did not try that. We are curently running successfully in the Datomic apps SG provided by the install. I will try the bidirectional config on our next iteration of ops configuration.