Remote Connection - Unable to Validate User

I’m trying to connect remotely from my local machine to my transactor on ec2. i keep getting ActiveMQSecurityException, unable to validate user.

I’ve set the properties file to include the following:

storage-admin-password= mypass
storage-datomic-password= myotherpass
alt-host= myip

Then from the client side the url is "datomic:sql:// mydbname ?jdbc:postgresql:// myip :5432/datomic?user= myuser &password= myotherpass "

It says in that I have unlimited peers, so I’m not sure why the user can’t be validated. Shutting down all other peers results in the same error.

Are you running postgres on the same EC2 instance as your transactor?
Generally, the inability to connect is due to configuration of host and alt-host values in the transactor properties file.
See the response here: Unable to connect to remote datomic (mysql)

Postgres is running on the same box. I can connect directly to postgres. I tried your link plus several others and nothing works. Finally gave up and wrote a custom sync script for myself that replicates via backup. Datomic makes many hard things easy and many easy things hard :slight_smile: