Pull transaction id?


Am I right that there is no way to pull transaction id (commonly referred as ?tx in the query examples)?

For example, I often find myself making either rather ugly query results processing or additional queries when I need to get db/txInstant for complex trees of data…
E.g. I want to pull, say, a forum topic with comments (which most often would be a simple pull) and get the creation date for everything…

Maybe a feature request then?


Unless you’ve added an attribute to your entity that connects it to the transaction (i.e. a ‘source txn’ reference), you’re correct that you can’t use pull to get the :db/txInstant associated with the transaction that created your entity of interest.

The notion of identifying creation and/or ‘updated-at’ times for entities has been discussed in a few other places:

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Indeed, explicit reference should make such use cases more elegant. Thank you as always!