Peer cannot connect multiple transactor instances use customized datasource

(def spec1  {:protocol :sql :data-source dsrc1})
(def spec2  {:protocol :sql :data-source dsrc2})
(d/connect (assoc spec1 db1)) 
;; will success

(d/connect (assoc spec2 db2)) 
;; throws db-name not in catalog
;; it seems (d/get-database-names spec) only cache the first invoked.

Wow? hasn’t any replies

Datomic is designed to use only one transactor [1]. It uses a single node for write operations, but potentially many nodes for read operations.


[1] With the exception of configuring other transactors for high-availability/failover.

Wow? hasn’t any replies

Yeah the datomic support team seems to be focused on paying clients and only provides some responses to general questions. I think this forum has been set up with the hopes that community members will provide help within the community. And it’s a good idea however the community is just not that big so not every question gets answered or is answered in a timely fashion.