No d/entity for Cloud?

Does anyone know why Datomic Cloud does not have the d/entity function. I found myself implementing a map like interface to datomic, then I realized such a thing already existed for On-Prem. Is there a reason why this is a bad idea on Datomic Cloud? Thanks! FYI, my goal is to be able to work with data stored in datomic as a map, so I can write homogenous functions that don’t need to know about where the data is…. it’s just a map.

Thanks for any guidance on this

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Hi @lucasjordan I think we covered this in Clojurians slack. Essentially d/entity is a poor performance fit for over the wire in Cloud, it would introduce a large number of implicit and synchronous network round-trips. I also want to cross link to Rich’s quote on this subject in another, older thread. Rich’s point too was specifically pointed at the ions question, but it is important context.

Hopefully, this post helps someone else who might find this thread wondering about the same thing.