Intermittently seeing UnableToForward anomaly

At my company we’ve been intermittently seeing anomalies with the message “UnableToForward” since around March of this year. There’s no apparent problem, but I’m wondering if we can get more info on what this might be from.

Here’s some of the anomaly content:

{"Msg":"UnableToForward","DatomicCloudForwarderResponse":{"CognitectAnomaliesCategory":"CognitectAnomaliesUnavailable","CognitectAnomaliesMessage":null} ...}

Hi @Bringe,

Can I see the whole message? Are you using Cloud?

My guess is that you are getting this error somewhere because you are querying against a t value that is not present in the database being queried. This can happen for a variety of reasons and is usually resolved by ensuring you sync and have the t before querying.

Hi @jaret.

Yes we’re using Cloud. Thanks for the information. CC @daemianmack

Here’s the whole message:

Field	Value
@ingestionTime	1692381020728
@log	754691425993:datomic-crescent
@logStream	crescent-crescent-compute-prod-i-0e33aadfb9368fd7b-2023-08-15-20-33-18-
@message	{"Msg":"UnableToForward","DatomicCloudForwarderResponse":{"CognitectAnomaliesCategory":"CognitectAnomaliesUnavailable","CognitectAnomaliesMessage":null},"DatomicCloudForwarderContext":{"ServerName":"","ServerPort":8182},"Type":"Event","Tid":174,"Timestamp":1692381019735}
@timestamp	1692381019735
DatomicCloudForwarderContext.ServerPort	8182
DatomicCloudForwarderResponse.CognitectAnomaliesCategory CognitectAnomaliesUnavailable
Msg	UnableToForward
Tid	174
Timestamp	1692381019735
Type	Event