Extracting data from the console


I’m trying to get data out of the console and I wonder if maybe I shouldn’t be.

Like, I can put a:

(pull ?e [*])

in the “Find:” box and get back a document, but it will often go to the right and I can neither copy/paste it, word-wrap, nor even scroll to the right.

Is there some facility for that in the console somewhere or…I dunno, what do other people do when they need to get data out (or in, for that matter) on an ad-hoc basis?


The On-Prem console doesn’t currently provide an export feature.
You can, however, build up a query in the console then copy it out and execute it in a REPL, where you can write it to a file. This would be my general approach.


Yeah, that’s about where I am. On Friday, I didn’t really have a way to REPL, tho’. =P