Demo App's Lambda Name too long

I evaluating Datomic Cloud and following the directions here:

On the deploy step, I get the following error:
“A Lambda function name, which is the concatenation of the query group and the function name specified in the ion-config.edn file must be <= 64 characters.\nThe following names are too long for Lambda: pns-directory-Compute-1KCG87SG0HSJK-get-items-by-type-lambda-proxy”,

Which I think, means that I think it means, that the generated name is longer than 64 chars.

I assume I can just shorten the name of the function to make it work, but I wanted to ask about strategy here.

The project name “pns-directory” and the function name “get-items-by-type-lambda-proxy”, don’t seem overly long to me, the rest of the full name is generated “-Compute-1KCG87SG0HSJK-”, and could be a little sorter (drop the ‘Compute’ for example)

Is there something I should do to shorten the generated name? Can it just be hashed or something? What would you do?

Thanks for the feedback, I am pretty new to this, but very excited to be finally learning it.