Datomic with Terraform

Hi, all.

I probably should have posted this here immediately after the Conj, but I’ve published a post covering the content of my talk on my site: Datomic with Terraform

If you want to dive straight into the Terraform, I’ve also published two repositories to get you started:

And since this is something I need to do relatively often, I’ve also published a Terraform module for wiring up SQS to an ion: sqs-driven-ion

Lastly, as an added bonus, I just published a write-up for how to implement HTTP Direct with Terraform: HTTP Direct with Datomic & Terraform

Again, if you want to skip the explanation, you can find the example repository here: datomic-http-direct-example

If you have any questions or comments, hit me up here or on GitHub.



This is fantastic! Really neat and helpful in trying to preserve as much infrastructure as code as possible while working with Datomic. Would love to hear about any updates to more elegant solutions for detecting ion code change or not having to use an undocumented API. I’m surprised that given how long Datomic has been out, there doesn’t seem to be as much support (at least detailed openly) for tooling and automatic deployment.

Thanks! I’ll continue to add updates to the posts as my approach evolves (and likely post here as well).