Datomic 1.0.6222 now available

This message covers changes in this release. For a summary of critical release notices, see http://docs.datomic.com/release-notices.html.

Changed in 1.0.6222

  • New: Change the scale of a BigDecimal attribute in a transaction.
  • New: Add :apply-msec key to :tx/process events in the log, useful for identifying slow transactions.
  • Upgrade to presto 346 for Datomic analytics.

Why the last release note on http://docs.datomic.com/release-notices.html is for 0.9.6045 version?

@nikolayandr the release-notices in on-prem is for critical releases, of which 6045 was the last one. If you are looking for the change log, we maintain that here:

However, I copy the changes from there to this forum announcement.

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