Cognitect dev-tools version 0.9.58 now available

Version 0.9.58 of Cognitect dev-tools is now available for download.
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2021/01/20 - 0.9.58

2021/01/20 - dev-local 0.9.232

  • Improvement: enable BigInt fressian handler
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Now Datomic DB dependent automated tests can be literally functional completely, using a memdb!

Normally you would do something like:

(let [conn (test-db-with-schema)]
  (is (match? {,,,}
              (do (system-under-test conn tx-params)
                  (d/qseq verification-query (d/db conn)))

where test-db-with-schema is something like:

(defn test-db-with-schema
  ([] (test-db-with-schema your-apps-schema-if-there-is-only-one))
    (let [db-name (str (gensym "test-"))
          db-ref {:db-name db-name}
          client (d/client {:server-type :dev-local
                            :storage-dir :mem
                            :system      "test"})
         _ (d/create-database db-ref)
         conn (d/connect client db-ref)]
       (d/transact {:tx-data schema})

(untested; just sketched in right in this forum’s textarea)

but I often separate my functions which compute just the tx-data, which then I can apply to a db - which already has he schema -, using a reducing function, something like

(defn with-tx [with-db tx-data]
  (-> with-db (d/with {:tx-data tx-data}) :db-after))

then my tests are even more functional!

It can be used as (reduce with-tx (d/with-db conn) [tx1 tx2 ,,,]), so we can construct the db state of a test scenario as a sequence of tx-data.