Classpath transaction function with in-memory database possible?

I can use a classpath function in a Peer query when using an in-memory database. The Peer picks nicely up on that.

But without a separate running transactor to add a class path to where my class path transaction functions live, it seems that I can’t add such to have it available in transactions when using an in-memory database. Is that correctly understood? (I want to add a Scala function that is compiled to JVM code. Adding the Scala code as a text string itself is not an option).

Is my only option to run any class path transaction function dependent test only with durable setups? (free/starter/pro)

Thanks for any help,

Hi Marc,

I don’t understand the question. It is your classpath, you can add anything you like. In-memory database does not use a transactor.


Hi Stu,

Sorry I was unclear and thanks for the clarification!

I was maybe hoping for some magic in the in-memory database using tx functions somehow. But of course that doesn’t make sense without having a running transactor, duh.

It seems that setting the classpath variable DATOMIC_EXT_CLASSPATH with the free version has no effect/is not supported. Is this correct? If so, I hope you’re planning to make it available in the free version too at some point.