API Gateway proxy HTTP/2 and Firefox


The API Gateway responds with HTTP/2
but Firefox doesn’t support it by default (UPDATE: for HTTP sites, no for HTTPS).

I would prefer to change the Service response than try to convince all the my Firefox user (imaginary for now :smiley: ) to enable that.

And, in any case, the user agent is requesting POST / HTTP/1.1 and, not sure about this, but I suppose the server should make it’s best effort to answer in that version.

So, Does anybody know how to do that? or, what are your toughs about this issue?.

Of course, another way to handle this is to make the app run from an https site. I was facing this while developing, and I was using http during that, so the only “user” for now is me, or any developer who prefers to use only HTTP.

So, I think it is no big deal. It is more a problem of forcing HTTPS everywhere.

Thank you.