Why no d/squuid in datomic client api


I’ve been upgrading to Datomic cloud and noticed that the datomic.client.api has no d/squuid function. I’ve been switching to use java.util.UUID/randomUUID.

Two questions:

  1. Why is d/squuid not present in the datomic.client.api?
  2. Is it safe to use java.util.UUID/randomUUiD?


Squuids are no longer required in Datomic (Cloud or On-Prem) now that Datomic has Adaptive Indexing.
See discussion from Stu here and blog post about Adaptive Indexing


The on-prem documentation says to prefer squuids when possible. Is this still true, or is the documentation lagging behind a bit?



Certainly, using squuids will not hurt anything, however adaptive indexing should negate the need to use squuids.

I will look into fixing the documentation.