Dependency conflict for client-cloud on push

I have updated to compute version 482-8794 which is currently the latest available. I’m also asking for com.datomic/client-cloud {:mvn/version "0.8.78"}. When pushing, the cli warns me that com.datomic/client-cloud #:mvn{:version "0.8.67"} is what’s currently running on Datomic cloud. Does this mean that my production Datomic code does not have access to post “0.8.67” features?

@sooheon can you share your deps.edn?

Sure. Deps.edn, overriding dependencies.

@sooheon Thank you for the report. While the bits were public we had failed to update our release page with the latest. Sorry for the confusion. I’ve updated the release. You should now be able to upgrade to the current release for ion and ion-dev and then you will no longer see the conflict in client-cloud.


Another small issue, the CLI tells me to add com.cognitect/s3-creds #:mvn{:version "0.1.23"} to my deps, but this is not in Maven. I think the latest that’s been pushed is 0.1.22.